My Rose

My rose Clothly, dire Draped red sapphires And I whisper in your ear Do you taste the velvet Crushed under my Finger tips? . Resting Smoothly, delicate Donned carpet petals And I see the deep lust in the every gasp and breath . Crisp and clean Savory and satisfying . I claim  You My rose … Continue reading My Rose

At the races- a short story

“Quick around the bend!” Margy shouted. She held her breath. Somehow these races always got the best of her usually reserved character. Her friend Peggy screamed next to her, ”AROUND THE BEND YOU FOOL!!” Peggy’s hat and composure fell on the ground but she didn’t care. She grabbed Margy's hand and started jumping. “I can’t … Continue reading At the races- a short story


My reflection Among the lily pads On the cool clear  Dawn Settled into a simple Charmed life . My soul Resting in the shadow Of the trees Embanked  On the crisp River Settled into a charmed Simple life Not much to say about this poem. Change and new adventures sit on my horizon and I … Continue reading My


You stole my heart And gave me a new name The wide open spaces To the desert beyond Fissures and specks of sandy Dust Hit my face  As I watch the thunderstorms Roll in . Far away Across the horizon  I see the oldest  Volcano . You change my soul Into a new creation Forever … Continue reading AZ