Stationary Solitude

Waves ripple

Swiftly melting moments

And I reflect

On the mirror

Of the universe




Black dots to

Swim across the

Other worldly planes.

The shade of leaves,

Phantoms of a 

Looking glass that has

Stilled the stream




I found breath and

Double vision memories

That always

Tenderly uncover

My innermost desire

To inhabit

This quiet world.

I wrote this poem in response to the Rattle Ekphrastic Challenge. You can find the photo I was inspired by here. I have been trying to write in response to various ‘challenges’ that I find online! It has been such a good way to push myself creatively and think outside the box. Recently, I have found myself less inclined to write about my personal life but I still want to create and feel inspired. These exercises have been a pleasant way to continue writing but not have to dig so deep… I wonder if this is part of the artistic process. After writing about myself for so long, it feels refreshing to take a step back and take inspiration from elsewhere. In this poem, I use the word “I” and you might be thinking “Isn’t this poem about yourself??”. Although this poem uses a first person pronoun, I don’t see myself reflected in the poem rather the “I” represents the reader. You really have to take a look at the picture to understand. Photo by Pepe Reyes on Unsplash


My reflection

Among the lily pads

On the cool clear 


Settled into a simple

Charmed life


My soul

Resting in the shadow

Of the trees


On the crisp


Settled into a charmed

Simple life

Not much to say about this poem. Change and new adventures sit on my horizon and I long for a ‘simple charmed life’. But maybe I already have it?


Published in Flora Fiction

I am so excited to announce that I have been published in the Spring 2021 Issue of Flora Fiction! Please take a moment to check out this awesome issue and read work from amazing writers!


I want to congratulate the Flora Fiction team on an incredible job! I love the “Revival” theme and how this issue feels so relevant in today’s world.


Find my poem below on pg 21. Also please be sure to follow Flora Fiction, purchase a print copy and submit to be considered for publication!

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash


You stole my heart

And gave me a new name

The wide open spaces

To the desert beyond

Fissures and specks of sandy


Hit my face 

As I watch the thunderstorms

Roll in


Far away

Across the horizon 

I see the oldest 



You change my soul

Into a new creation

Forever I am spellbound

To your rocky plains

Harpy song

That makes me crave

To live again

In your sweltering



Far Away

Across the horizon

I watch as the Kachinas

Dance in the evening sun

I wrote this as a response to the Tuesday Prompt Challenge over at the Go Dog Go Cafe. We were inspired to Write a poem about a place that inspires you. Instantly, Arizona came to mind. I was able to live there for a month and a half during the summer of 2016. This time was such an incredible experience and I can’t wait to go back and visit again. Honestly, I loved every moment that I was there. This desert place is so different from my hometown that I found myself marveling at the smallest things. I hope you enjoy the poem! Have you ever been to AZ? Do you think you would like to visit? Photo by Robert Murray on Unsplash.



Have a good day at work

I will pray for your safe return.


What’s for dinner tonight?

Is it my favorite dish?


She leaves the house

like anyother day

only to find

her soul

drifting to the great beyond

with no reason

for the depature.



Come home safe.


I forgot to tell you

I love you

In the US, we have experienced yet another tragedy of a senseless shooting. There were 8 courageous and incredible women who left the earth on Tuesday. As I process these deaths, I wonder about my own impertinence. How things change in a blink of an eye. Eomma is the English spelling of the Korean word for “mother”. I wanted to pay proper tribute to these women and reflect on the families left behind. Photo by Jez Timms on Unsplash


Tell me your name.




And Reveal

But then I blink

And you are gone.


Making and


New ripples in this

Thing we call



Tell me your name, Chimera

This poem is inspired by the Name That Vase by The Alchemist’s Studio! Each month, readers are given the chance to write a poem inspired by the vase! I was part of this challenge back in 2019 and had the honor of naming this piece: here. What would you write in response to this vase? Picture by The Alchemist’s Studio.

blizzard of thoughts

Awake and feeling

That you’ve forgotten

Something important

To do


I remember the way

You made me smile

And how I giggled

At your jest


That moment

In time

And a blizzard of thoughts

I knew

It was love


Staring up at the ceiling

And I think back

To all the important things

I need to say

To you

Hello! I have been going through some of the older Tuesday Writing Challenge prompts at the Go Dog Go Cafe. This poem was inspired by the title “blizzard of thoughts”. Although I have tried to steer clear of love poems recently, they always seem to creep back up on me! I enjoyed writing this poem and remember those feelings one gets as a teenager. Do you like to write love poems?

a midnight sigh

A traveler


But for a memory

That never left

The warm moments

By a fireside

With a soft

And simple way

About her

He did remember


A midnight sigh

And howling moon

For a smile

He could not


Hazel eyes

That stayed true 

And a mouth that


He did remember


This poem is inspired by the Go Dog Go Cafe Tuesday Prompt Challenge. This is an older prompt from February(midnight sigh) but going through these helps spark my imagination. After re-reading, I must have been feeling very forlorn! Something about the word ‘sign’ sparked this idea of wishing and hoping for something else. What do you think about the poem? What does the word “sigh” spark in your imagination?

Do I remember?

I don’t remember the last time

I dreamed of my love

one and


there you sat

amongst the flowers

in a faraway land

too distant for me

to see

the tears in your eyes

the way your hands

folded over your heart

I failed to notice all

the colorful tinges to

your sarcastic smile

and then you

turned away

to look at the

setting sun

my love

the sun rays

barely capturing your


and I don’t remember

the last time I dreamed

of your hands in mine.

Photo by Will O on Unsplash

a revolution

I never knew that fire could


so bright

flying flames in Baltimore


and all the while

the black man

died in the street

where the parade

traveled last july.

I never knew

that my anger could run

so cold

ice trapped underneath

the tapestries and

tattered days of

old lang sine

how could we know the


baby bright with expectant


how could we know that

our words and hearts

would feed the


Black Lives Matter

Photo by miram Oh on Unsplash