3 Kyokas

Roses are red, and

Violets are blue, truly

My heart is distraught

For will naming the colors

Help me find a husband soon?


Jack and Jill went up

a hill, I told them to “Scram!”

Jack fell down and lost 

His crown. Jill turned and cried out

“Down with the capitalists!”


Good morn! Miss Muffet

Do you have some porridge to 

Share? Wait! No, I see

That I’ve frightened you! But wait!

People call me Spider Man!

Kyoka is a satirical take on the haiku form. I submitted these for an online journal, but alas they did not get accepted. The nice thing is then I get to share them sooner! I had fun taking on the challenge of writing these little poems. My inspiration was to use old American nursery rhymes and change them up. I feel as though I could have explored this a bit further and created something truly magical. But sometimes it is nice to just write and not worry about editing your work. Lately, I have been trying to submit to online journals and collections. This is just one of my resolutions for this year! It has been fun to challenge myself and stretch my writing! Thanks so much, I hope that you enjoy these little poems.

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Is it the fear 

Taking hold of my heart

Hands that felt 

So warm

Just a moment ago

And I think 

That the vestibule is empty

Water slowly finding its way

To the ocean

Am I like the wind?

Drawn to the rushing


Whistling sounds

Where two lovers meet

And then fade

Many moments

On this planet earth seem


Stolen or fabricated

To fit anothers

Idea of wealth

Will I be the rainbow?

Dyeing to color

And change the ways

That humans perceive 

Even the simplest

Delicate beam

Oh how I wish

That it was easier to live


And know that 

You are loved.

Feeling a bit forlorn and lost lately. Emotionally I am everywhere all at once. Maybe its because the year anniversairy of lockdown is approaching and it feels ominous… Photo by Matt Hardy on Unsplash


People say that we look alike

You and I

Me and you

But I tell them that we are sisters

So it makes sense


Us and them 

Them and us


We exist in a plane

A realm, all to our own

Crafting imaginary friends and 

Detailed schemes

Of how to break free from this boorish

World we inhabit


I and you

You and me


Our color is red,

The color of rich velvety roses

Deep feeling and harsh tones

No one else seems to understand


you always loved the white chrysanthemum 



Me and them

Them and me


I grip your arm and wonder

About what you really think about

In that dark

Hidden heart

We share secrets

But your eyes make me wonder

If there is a depth

That you haven’t yet uncovered

To me


You and I

Me and You


Forget what that random mister

Said to us on the street

We laugh at the dog and

How he chased his tail

Then gave the wind

Ten thousand different names

Looking shyly at the sun


Never leave me

My sister

My love


You and me

I and thee

I wrote this for the Ekphrastic Challenge found at the Ekphrastic Review. It was really fun to be challenged by this picture. Honestly, I was hoping to have my poem featured on the weekly post but I was up against some master writers. Alas! But I wanted to share because I really loved how this piece turned out! Thanks for reading! I have been a bit MIA because of a personal project that is in the works!

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Quiet and coffee

Scented snuggles

Are the perfect


For my story.


Once upon a time

In a land far


There lived a young girl

Tender hearted

And strong minded

She willed the seas 

To rise

And the rains to fall

But one day

She realized that

In all her travels

She never

Marveled at the 

Beauty of the 

Land north 

Of here.

She grabbed her

Bags and packed her

Wares to find

This land of cold

She willed the seas 

To fall

And the rains to rise

There she stood


At the majesty

Of the 

White winter land

A place of chilling


And smokey


“J’ai trouvé l’hiver”

She said with

Gusto and strength

She willed the seas

To rise

And the rains to fall

The Land North

Became her home

And there she lived

All her



Sleep and dream

Of the whimsical ways

That this story

Speaks about you

And your next


Today’s poem was inspired by Eugi’s lovely prompt! As always, I love how prompts inspire and help me to stretch and grow. I have been thinking a lot about storytelling lately: How stories are conveyed and told; How stories are passed down through generations. Because of this idea, I felt inspired to write a mini story or tale. I imagine a mother telling her daughter this story as her child falls asleep. So it is meant to be a bedtime story. With that, I am also still experimenting with languages and adding them as I see fit. My knowledge and understanding of French is much greater than that of Spanish, so I plan on using francais more frequently. Thanks for reading! I would love to know if you also wrote a piece inspired by the prompt! Photo by Joakim Honkasalo on Unsplash

Dahlia Darling

Dahlia, darling

You rushed to the

Waters edge

Looking for the

Hopping frogs

And shadowy creatures

That hold secrets

To the deep


Slate rocks

And sharp coolness

Against your fingertips

As you noticed


There I stood

Amongst the

River roses

Teaming with

Life and love.

Dahlia, darling

Will you notice 

My ever bending

Gaze toward 

The sun?

I was inspired by Sadje’s “What do you see” prompt! For this poem, I thought it would be fun to change the persective of the reader to be the flower. Normally, I would write about the beauty of the flower, but instead I wanted to mix up the narrative. I think it works pretty well, but then again it is hard to be a judge of your own work. What do you think? Did you like the change of perspective? Did you find it refreshing? Richard Kesperowski@ Unsplash

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And lifting my

Hopes of present places

Leaving a past to fall fast

Away from me


I am writing this tanka in response to Colleen’s Tanka Tuesday prompt. Am I almost a week late? Shhh! Let’s not worry about it. I have been writing and submitting to some online journals so this prompt was left on the sidelines! But I was happy to write it and feel inspired. The themes of “past and present” are often in my poems. I constanly feel as though I am talking about ‘what was’ and ‘what will be’. Thanks for reading! Also be sure to check out the Go Dog Go Cafe “promote Yourself” post! Photo by Jorge Ibanez on Unsplash