As this season is mid way through, I have to wonder about my own season in life. Where I am and how I could change in just a few months. It feels as though since I graduated from university I have been in a season of change. Each year brings with it new friends, new co-workers and new challenges. During this season, I have learned to be content with the moments of routine such as washing my face each night and using the same perfume.

These small little things start to mean more to me, as I move through this season. In the same way my phone calls with old friends and messages of hello mean more to me than they ever have before. In my grand dreams, I have all these aspirations and hopes for myself: Being a great worker, having a fulfilling career, being a great friend. All these things I want for myself. But as I have grown, I have come to realize that life is not always about fulfilling your grand dreams and desires. Instead the little things is where I can find my comfort and hope.

This past week, I feel as thought I have had a paradigm shift. Something that has taken months to accumulate but now it is rearing its head. It is okay to life for the little things and let the little things fill me up.


When September Ends

In a dream

I had

just last night

I talked to the adventurer

who said

Let’s Go

I started to pack

all my bags

filling them with memories

of past hopes and dreams

When will go

I turned

a gleam in their eye

and a skip in their step

When September ends

Trying Something New…

As I try to rekindle my love for writing and poetry, I want to give a shot to blogging and creating longer form content. Sometimes I want to rant for a while. Is that weird?

My hope is to bring back the notions of “Real Talk Tuesdays” where I tried to talk about things going on in my life and what I really cared about. I don’t want to make these articles about random books I read or shows that I watch. There are already too many ‘review’ blogs and honestly it just doesn’t feel like me. So what will I write about?

Each week I want to take a moment to reflect on life and how I have grown, what has changed in terms of my creative inspiration and a hope for the next week.

As I am usually not consistent with my writing, I do not want to put a name on these posts or label them in any way just in case I forget. But I wanted to let you know in case you see a longer posts that only loosely resemble poetry.

Thanks for reading, Thanks for liking and Thanks for enjoying my musings 🙂


Forest Friend

tadpole, lily pad, juice box

sweet airy splashes

in the relaxing breeze

and I glance up to realize I was not alone

the soft pattering

of hooves on the mossy shore

standing still and tall

a doe

her eyes glossy with the reflections of time

wanderlust in her stillness

I shifted the weight in my feet

making the pebbles sing together

and her glance matched mine

how friendship curled into my smile

as our hearts seemed to beat as one

for a moment

just one second

then the glance ran away

softer than the arrival

and I wondered if

we’d be best friends



Summer Heat

Do you think it is okay?

to melt like the ice

into the pavement


its so hot

burns my skin

as I kneel down to draw with chalk

then lick my lips in


for the freezy pop

that my grandma brings from the kitchen

but as I look

the haze of the summer heat

fill my eyes

as I notice

my legs and arms have

turned hot and heavy

lying on the ground

Growing Up

I laughed

at the way

we all used to post pictures

onto a website

and where I would spend my

time alone

thinking that I am connected

through strands of

the Ethernet cable

but as I saw all those images

time passed me by

and I realize that I have


The bitter chill

Got the better

Of me

And I think

I broke the door

Of my car

Not a feeling

Or a poetic moment

Rather an ironic

Moment in the morning

Nap time

I am at that point in the day

When your morning

Is spent

More than half the day gone

And your eyes

Start to weigh

More than a ton

That point in the day

When any music

Will lull you to sleep

Even the meeting starts to

Make your eyes water

I am at the point in the day

When the dark warmth

Closes in and

Puts me to sleep

Fast asleep on my desk


Whether or not

Todays sunshine shines

Across the tops of the

Rose garden

Whether or not

The twittering bird

Says hello to the moon

You are loved

You are loved

Whether or not

The mailman

Says goodbye

To the older lady

On the stairs

Whether or not

The baby bear

Finds a place

To see the mountains

You are loved

You are loved

Even the tiniest


And the smallest



That you

Are loved

You are loved

Take heart and sing

To yourself

You are loved

You are loved