then again

then again

If I destroy my inner self

fretting about


love that doesn’t exist


I will carve my name into

the tree of death

and slowly fade

into eternal


or agony

depending on how

you gaze at the dead


I now have



It seems that only in my dreams

Do we talk for hours

Before falling asleep

In eachothers arms

The hold

You have

On my minds desires

Slowly simmers


My stone cold heart

I wish more things about the

Present reflected my

Dreams of the future

Like washed towles and

A clean bedroom

But I have become satisfied

With waiting until

I see your bright warm cheeks

Swelling in laughter

My oh my

Can my dreams

Last a little longer?

My mind thought about you all night

even though

I didn’t taste anything

no sweet kisses or

peach hugs

for my belly

deep inside of me

I wandered around

thinking you would finally appear

but the dream never did shape up

to anything but

a cozy snuggle with my cat

I thought it would be fun to romanticize and fantasize

about how your beard would feel against my smooth cheek

and wouldn’t it be perfect if

the puzzles fit together


like our hands


but only in my dream

I want

I want you know

I thought about you

I want to know

I care about you

When you said

that you wanted to die

I want to you know

I gave you a think

I want you to know

life will not sink

When we said

“see ya later, goodbye”

It isn’t hard

for me to find

the reasons why

you bring me sunshine

It isn’t hard

for me to hide

the reasons why

you bring a smile to my life

I want you know

I thought about you

I want you to care

that I’ll see you through

When you said

that you wanted to die

When you say

your final goodbye



Good morning Sunshine

You laughed at my

messy bed head hair

and sleepy teddy bear eyes

too early to realize

that it wasn’t


but rather sunset

I visited your grave


for when you left me

all I could remember was

your blurry eyes

and soft hands

whispers of


in my ear

I do not know if it is






I seemed

To have


The love I found

In writing down

Every penny I could


I seemed to have forgotten

The easiness of the words

How they sooth my soul

No curse

Can last forever

They say

No love

Can last the night


I’ll try

To paint for you

Again I’ll try

Or die




Say congrats to the crown

The jeweled prince

Has become a King

Or so he thinks

But a king wears a

Heavy crown

An oh so heavy crown

That need a structure or a system

To hold it

Luckily for him

I am here

His advisor

His adversary

I mean, confidant

I will help the sweet

Prince make his move

And move those makers

Who tried to overthrow


I mean, him

The prince

I mean, king

His royal majesty

I will be there through

All the times

Dark and bitter

Light and peaceful

The two cents that I

Will give

Will change the course of


But none will recognize that

It was my hand at work

The prince is now king

And I am still the puppeteer

A master at feigning simple

Simple minded devil

Some have tried to be rid

Of me

In this royal court

But little so they know

I am the puppeteer that

Allowed them here

People whisper that I am


But I will kiss the royal hand

And bend my knee

Then who can dispute

Such loyalty?



To the Royal King



To Me

That Music

Music and


Bring me to a


Distant land

That always

Sways to a beat

And I want to dance

Till my blood runs dry

For that melody

Sweet hibiscus

Smelling roses

And tasting honey

To my ears

That is the joy

Of music

To me