dreams are the scariest



for their fortitude of

strength and

pressing urgency

to be completed

are the weight of

the world

on your chest



they tear away at your


as your dreams

one by one

drop from your

mind’s eye

you self persevere

but the preservation

leaves you wanting



for more

more light

more dreams

more visions

of a world where

me heart could be


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Same Word

“Clarence, I am thinking of a word that rhymes with memory…”

Sharon leaned closer to the table. Clarence thoughtfully pondered the clue. “Darling, could you give me a bit more? How is it used in a sentence?”

Sharon tilted her head to the side. She was thinking.

“Sharon?” Clarence nudged again. He noticed how Sharon had drifted into herself. A land lost to time, filled with thoughts and daydreams. It was in these moments that Clarence could get a full look at his wife’s face. She was always so busy, moving from one thing to the next. It was easy to miss her features and details. Sharon held her head in a regal manner you knew she had to be royalty. Her posture rarely stooped. Her deep black skin shone in the afternoon light and gleamed a lovely warm hue. Her nose rounded above her lips in such a way that it made Sharon look as if she was always up to something mischievous. Clarence thought about that smile that Sharon held when they first met. It was how all her features fit so well on her face that made him so intrigued. How could a woman look so fierce, jovial and friendly all at once? Clarence fell head over heels, trying desperately to live up to Sharon’s expectations. She had been so kind hearted and surprised as Clarence spent more time around her. He glanced at her face again. The rounded soft edges of her jaw that made way to her neck. Clarence thought about memory. The word memory and how it did nothing to evoke the power of actual memories held.

“Darling, are you thinking of the word ‘revelry’ as in to revel in something?”

“Yes!” Sharon shot up. “Revelry! Thanks darling.” Sharon turned from the table and walked back to her office. She hummed a tune that Clarence didn’t recognize.

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I miss you

Each starry night

passes sweetly

in front of my eyes

but an ache in

my chest causes

the meteroid

to disappear

from view

firey hot

cold empty space

I miss you

Each stormy sea

splashes darkly

against my

bare chest

but a love deep

in my bones

causes the waves

to move

mountains from



pulling emotions

rocky slate tears

I miss you.

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On our knees

on a doorstep

just down the lane

my hand in

yours and I

thanked God for


on our knees

just hoping for a

way to live

more moments


I wanted to

love you.

on your bed

there you lay with

flowers on your


I whispered to

the stars above

“why did you

have to leave?”

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Lost Pen

“Charlie, could we just stop for one moment?” Angela searched the ground.

Charlie turned “Yes, honey, what is it?”

“I think I lost my pen dear.” Angela looked down at her feet. Through spectacles she searched the grassy area.

“You brought a pen with you to our picnic?” Charlie asked.

Angela looked indignant. “Of course! In case I have a good idea that I need to write down!”

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I use words as a shield

to hide my insecurites

and untold


I dream of a place

where I can

garden for hours

and forget the world

There I look up to find

the sunlight

has answered every

prayer I ever had

and by clinging to the


I finally found a place

to rest.

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You know?

old man

I said

old man

you think you

know more than me.

just dreamers

drifting through

thinking that philosphy

makes left a right.

I said

you think you

know more with

your battered scars

under blue belts

and waistcoat nights.

little did you know

you fought for nothing

a savoy check


and your register dry.

you died for nothing

and now your ashes

fill blind men as

they pretend to

know more than plato

all along.

old man

I said

you think

you know?

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Do I remember?

I don’t remember the last time

I dreamed of my love

one and


there you sat

amongst the flowers

in a faraway land

too distant for me

to see

the tears in your eyes

the way your hands

folded over your heart

I failed to notice all

the colorful tinges to

your sarcastic smile

and then you

turned away

to look at the

setting sun

my love

the sun rays

barely capturing your


and I don’t remember

the last time I dreamed

of your hands in mine.

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A pitter-patter of feet. I heard the door slowly swing. 

“Hello?” Abby said. 

I turned to see my daughter opening the door to my room. My husband must have grabbed her from the crib and let her in the room.

“Hi, honey.” I murmured. “Did you want to say good morning?” 

I noticed Abby still was waiting in the doorway. Her curly black hair frizzed in such cute ways. She loved rising early and snuggling with mommy. Especially after daddy left for his morning run. 

“Yes. I wanna be’n bed wif you mamma.” Abby whispered. 

She closed the door and waddled over to the edge of my bed, arms outstretched. I shifted so that I could pick her up. 

“Abby sweetie, do you know who loves you?” I asked as I placed her next to me. Abby looked at me with bright brown eyes. She blinked. 

“Mamma loves me.”

“Yes! I love you so so much!” I giggled and squeezed Abby’s little feet. “And Daddy loves you!” I kissed her toes. “And you know what? Jesus loves you the most!” 

Abby laughed. “Dada and Jesus!” she squealed. Her hands waving in the air and then landing on my stomach. She excitedly patted my middle and my arms. I started to hum a made up tune as Abby continued to drum against my body.

“Mommy, sing with me!!” Abby crawled closer to my face. Her nose touching my chin. 

“What if we sing a song about the fairies?” I said, moving my daughter to my side. I took a deep breath and started to hum. Softly I sang as Abby put her head on my shoulder. We looked into eachothers eyes. It felt surreal and I started to disassociate from the moment. Then Abby touched my cheek. I blinked and was brought back into my body. “Yes, honey?”

“Mamma, I love you.”

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