Where I go no one can follow

Far and wide the river ran

Outside of my heart running deep

Carving stone waters rushing

There I stood at the edge

Almost falling in

Hollow and alone I saw the rushing

Feelings pass me by

As I let the river rush along

Never touching the deep

For where I go 

No one can follow

And where I tred

None can comfort

My absent mind believing that the

Waters will poison me

Long and empty I stood at the 

Water’s edge not knowing that 






Lay on the other side.

This piece is inspired by the Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge over at Go Dog Go Cafe. Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash If you are interesed in learning more about the inspiration and background of my work, check out my kofi page.

Let There Be Storms

Let there be storms

that crash and ravage


Let there be winds

that tear and roar

through the costal plains.

I have founded my


in something other than

my home.

I have founded my


in something other than

my breath.

Let there be storms

that sing and dance.

Let there be winds

that whistle and hum.

I have decided to


a trust in something

other than

the disasters

something other than

the fear.

I have decided to build

my hope in


who saves.


This poem is directly inspired by the Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge at Go Dog Go Cafe. The prompt this time was “Let there be storms”. I am working through older prompts to help spark my imagination. Be sure to check out the challenge every Tuesday! Photo by Mike Lewinski on Unsplash.


As my soul pants for water

so my eyes search for light

and where does my help come from?

The originator

named me

gave me a


blessed me with

the royal gift

of life

As my soul thirsts for truth

so my heart listens to a quiet voice

Where does my help come from?

a whisper in the wilderness

a candle in the storm

so it is as I

start to understand

my true


Photo by Thom Holmes on Unsplash.

Poems from the past pt. 6

you believed in a wise man.

I thought that you knew

who you would call saviour.

where will in the world

will I find the truth?

I was inspired to go through my journal from about a year ago and re-read some of the poems that I wrote back then. I thought it would be neat to have a week where I showcased some of my past penned poems that have never seen the light of day. To be honest, I was motivated by the “Throwback Friday” posts found on the Go Dog Go Cafe. If you haven’t, take a moment to see all the greater writers who share on that page! – L Photo by Nik Shuliahin on Unsplash.


when I stare at the sky

and count all the reasons

it is good to be alive


tomorrow and forever

I think

and ponder

the ways

each and every blessing

is the gift

of your


to me



For this series of poems, I am inspired by the “Fruits of the Spirit” found in the Bible. I am only allowing myself one minute for each poem, so its a sort of flash poem challenge. Hope you enjoy! Please feel free to join along if you need some writing inspiration. II’m finishing it off now that I took a break!) Photo by Kendal on Unsplash.

Did the vapor wave of

music and madness

only serve to

distract this

lonely traveler from

her final destination?


Guiding light

Soul compass of my


Be not far.

Clear my eyes

to achieve the peace

you have promised.


Photo by Sean Sinclair on Unsplash.


When searching for answers

the harmony

of the life I lead rang out with


When searching for meaning

I tried looking inward

but found an empty


Fill me

overwhelm me

capture this emptiness

and make it whole

Mold me

define me

and give me new life and

a new soul


Choosing which lane

to converge into

when I drove

home last night

thinking about

how the highway

fast car

bright light


really doesn’t suit

my hopes


Driving far away

maybe that is the cure

to my restless

heart and

hopeful mind

will I give up

a life that I built for myself?

will I let go of the past and

gain so much more from the future?

as the lanes merge into one

I began to realize

its hard to define


life and meaning

instead I need to follow

Your lead.

My hope

When life looks up

for just a moment

do I shout to the stars?

scream in joy and excitement?

Did I really accomplish it all alone?

I would miss a very important part

of my life

You by my side

cheering me on

My biggest fan

Giving me the strength I need

and the wisdom to stay silent

Will the anticipation of the thing be my downfall?

But even in the low moments

My biggest fan


more than that

my life’s source

you give me hope to live

for everything has been


according to

your holy will.


There was a time

in my life

when I thought

the unclean and the pure

never mixed

no drinks to be shared

underneath the shining


were the cracked mirrors all

adrift in the sea of


but now that I am older

I realize there is a magik to the dark

but a easiness in the light

for the yolk is easy

restless for something more

even though it is empty

I still find a way to

twist my hands and

scrape the flesh

from my knuckles

even though I don’t want to

do so

the days are not easy

and the light isn’t weightless

as I trudge through today

but at the same time

there you stand

and give strength

all the day

making it possible for me

breathe again