Dahlia Darling

Dahlia, darling

You rushed to the

Waters edge

Looking for the

Hopping frogs

And shadowy creatures

That hold secrets

To the deep


Slate rocks

And sharp coolness

Against your fingertips

As you noticed


There I stood

Amongst the

River roses

Teaming with

Life and love.

Dahlia, darling

Will you notice 

My ever bending

Gaze toward 

The sun?

I was inspired by Sadje’s “What do you see” prompt! For this poem, I thought it would be fun to change the persective of the reader to be the flower. Normally, I would write about the beauty of the flower, but instead I wanted to mix up the narrative. I think it works pretty well, but then again it is hard to be a judge of your own work. What do you think? Did you like the change of perspective? Did you find it refreshing? Richard Kesperowski@ Unsplash

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